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Jellynovel Complete Martial Arts Attributes - Chapter 81 harsh mice quote-p1

Fabulousnovel - Chapter 81 harsh greedy -p1
Complete Martial Arts Attributes

Novel-Complete Martial Arts Attributes-Complete Martial Arts Attributes
Chapter 81 nonchalant sack
Both these were definitely those which ended up dropped first.
He grabbed the horn over the volcano salamander's head tightly to remain in the backside. His other hand wasn't idle often. He pushed it in to the physique from the star beast and grabbed its cardiovascular system.
He looked at his attribute panel and smiled bitterly.
Why performed the terrifying volcano behemoth weep in agony?
He hoped that they will have some results from the hurting.
w.a.n.g Teng was too idle to reply to these people. He went into the side of the pit in the middle of the cave and appeared downward.
w.a.n.g Teng almost burst open out chuckling in glee. There are many Drive features. Wood, standard water, fireplace, and planet, all things have been current. Out of your four, he didn't have two features ahead of.
He wiped out an individual superstar monster and got one particular star key. This possibility was atrocious!
These characteristic bubbles were definitely fallen in the event the three martial fighters were actually in a hot combat together with the volcano salamander.
Phantom Ice Fist!
He acquired destroyed it!
that takes the reason prisoner
The volcano salamander blocking the entry twisted its physique, almost like it was wanting to split devoid of something.
Liquid Compel*1
He thought about if he could summon the turmoil dragon immediately after he compiled all of the capabilities and know his desire.
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Three of the martial warriors ended up elated once they noticed the voice. It discussed the distressing term around the volcano salamander's encounter.
“That's correct.”
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Three of the of those looked at w.a.n.g Teng in disbelief. They couldn't are convinced their eyes.
The 3 of those looked at w.a.n.g Teng in disbelief. They couldn't think their eyes.
The 3 martial warriors ended up elated once they observed the sound. It revealed the distressing term for the volcano salamander's face.
“So the volcano wasn't erupting. Were actually these two star beasts as much as mischief?” he directed at the two celebrity beasts and inquired.
He viewed his characteristic board and smiled bitterly.
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Flame Compel*2
Wooden Push*1
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As he found Flame Compel*3, his sight lit up up.
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Wood Drive*1
Now, he got six different factors of Push on his characteristics panel. People were fire, an ice pack, solid wood, world, drinking water, and poison.
These characteristic bubbles ended up fallen once the three martial warriors were in the heated fight using the volcano salamander.
At the Back of the North Wind
Now, he had six diverse factors of Force on his features panel. These people were flame, ice, timber, world, liquid, and poison.
That has a boisterous bang, the massive body collapsed, stirring a cloud of particles. The three of which sighed in pain relief.
With a celebrity monster to change for his excellent impact, there were no decline, only profits.
Three of the martial warriors had been elated once they been told the sound. It spelled out the agonizing expression for the volcano salamander's experience.
Which has a forceful capture, the smooth organ squashed such as a watermelon. Then, the salamander's human body froze, and it also missing all its toughness.
Now, he acquired six several parts of Drive on his properties solar panel. They were blaze, an ice pack, wooden, globe, drinking water, and poison.

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